Monday, December 5, 2011

tis the season

 every year we go as a family to pick out our christmas trees.
this has to be one of our very favorite christmas traditions.
this year we are really missing a certain someone...
but we know he is where he is supposed to be!

we decorated our tree over the next few days.
steele could not get enough of helping with lights and ornaments.
we cut out snowflakes, which steele felt made him adult because he got to use scissors.
we hung stockings and ate chicken pot pie.

my uncle jonny made us these cd's of classic christmas music.
i love the jackson 5 christmas renditions.
it brings me right back to my childhood when we would decorate our tree.

isn't this picture cool. i want to have in enlarged and hang it on our wall every christmas.
steele really loved cutting snowflakes! but who doesn't.

we are very busy with parties, festivities and being with family and friends.
merry christmas everyone!


ashley said...

love the tree! and the batman stocking ;)

Karly said...

I love that pic of Steele at the end! So cute and creative! Your tree looks beautiful!