Thursday, December 8, 2011

the winks, month by month six

she's getting some chub that's for sure.
the rolls are coming slowly but surely.
she is the smallest of the three babies in the brady family.
it's so fun seeing them all progress together.
you can tell they're all the same age.

there are quite a few people that adore our little pear.
brett and i happen to be two of her biggest adorers. 

the little stinker just wants to suck on her thumb now. 
she keeps going back a forth between her thumb and two fingers.
i've been persistent with giving her the binks instead but i think it is so dang cute! 

 perry has had a lot of firsts in her sixth month of life...
her first thanksgiving, first time eating baby food (which she really did not like),
first time sitting up on her own, first time rolling from back to stomach. 

this month pear has also discovered her tongue and her toes. 
she has her tongue out and feet in hands at all times. 
her outfits gets soaked in minutes with drool.
she wants to chew on everything... especially whoever's fingers are closest.
still no signs of teeth. i think she is just a little explorer with her mouth.  

i love that perfect triangle lip pout. 
you can find me kissing this little face all day. 
she really is so squeezable, kissable, lovable and eatable! 
i've gotta remind myself not to squeeze her too hard.
but sometime i just can't help myself.
life is good and the holidays are sweeping our hearts away!


Stan & Ash said...

she is so cute! Seriously!
We would love to get together. Win has a cold right now so as soon as she is over it we should get together. Text me and let me know how your next week or 2 are looking with all the holiday festivities!

melissa marie said...

she is getting so big and starting to look alot like steele! so precious!

Karly said...

She is looking less and less like Steele and more like Peru by the day! Too fun!

ashley said...

she is seriously so darling! cute pics!