Saturday, December 31, 2011

twas the night before chirstmas...

becoming my favorite new tradition....
jesus: perry (braxton was asleep)
mary: hallie (very appropriate because she is so nurturing)
joseph: bentley
angel: madi
shepard: steeley
two wise men: ashton and linny

 santa came....

 christmas morning...

we had a wonderful christmas at both the brady's and skousen's.
i didn't get very many pictures at the brady's. 
we loved talking to both elder skousen and elder brady. 
both are such positive hard working missionaries. 

lynn always makes christmas a special day for everyone.

and steele was content the second he opened buzz from santa.
we should have just let him be done opening presents. 
all he wanted to do was play with his dear friend buzz light-year.

is it kind of ridiculous that i got kind of sad for woody and jessy?
i think the movies got to me. 
toys aren't alive. 
are they?
 every year just gets better and better 
merry christmas to everyone


Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Looks like you guys had a great christmas! I bet Steele is at a fun age for the whole Santa thing. I love the pic of him running to see what he got, so fun! Perry is so adorable! Miss ya.

Karen and Mike said...

Haha! After I watched the last Toy Story I felt kinda sad for all of Nate's old discarded and/or broken toys. Especially for the army guys and cheap matchbox cars. Looks like you had a fun Christmas with your families.

Sarah said...

So thats where Buzz is??? Brea was looking all over for him on Christmas morning because we got her a woody doll and she was looking for Buzz after!! Ha Ha, so many cute pics!!!

ashley said...

i love the christmas morning action shot in the hallway, so darling!

Stan & Ash said...

Love that picture of Steele running out Christmas morning!! So cute.
I agree we need to have Des along for our little play date! I am pretty much available whenever after this week! Let me know what you think!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

That picture of Steele running down the hallway is hilarious. That will for sure be one to show the children years from now and laugh at :) And all the kids dressed up doing the nativity is darling. What a fun tradition.
I'm excited to see you at our little play group this week!!