Wednesday, February 23, 2011

being pregnant at 22 weeks

this morning i was in the tub and i SAW my baby girl move for the first time. i could feel her moving so i decided to hold still to see if i could see her. bam! she did some kind of summer-sault. ripples in the water immediately spread from my belly. it was a reminder that she is getting so big. the strange thing is that this pregnancy i am not getting nearly as big as i did with steele. i was measuring 6 weeks ahead by the time i was 26 weeks. this round i was measuring 4 days behind at 20 weeks. i don't know how i feel about it. i gained weight like crazy the first 18 weeks but now i feel like i'm plateauing. some days i even feel a bit smaller than before. i thought i would hit a growth spurt by now but i haven't. everyone says on your second you show faster and get bigger than on your first but i'm not seeing that. i've been a little concerned about it and will ask the dr at my next appointment. 

i love this stage because i am FINALLY feeling better and don't need my daily dose of zofran anymore. i have more energy and it is much needed. about a month ago i started watching my friend trudi's two little kiddos, nixon (2 yrs) and taytum (10 weeks or so). they are both so sweet and nixon and steele have so much fun together. it is hard with 3 but it has been a lot of fun. it also has been so good for steele to see mommy holding another baby. he is so sweet with her and helps me burp her and feed her the bottle. he also will try to give her her binki and says "shhh baby"... in sweet way, not a "be quiet!" way. i am hoping this is a sign of how he'll be with his sister. a quick funny story; yesterday he kept saying to me "shhh mommy". i said "why do i need to be quiet?" he said in a soft voice "sister sleepin...." and rubbed my belly. it was the cutest thing ever. i'm getting more and more excited for the two to meet for the first time!!

now that the weather is starting to be tolerable i love taking steele out to the playground and letting him run free. last summer he was too small to really do much climbing. now he loves to explore the slides, latters and rock wall. we also have chickens and bunnies behind our garages. he gets so excited to go see them and watch tea go wild as she loves to pester the chickens.

ps i've gone a little nuts on the girl shopping. now that i have some extra cash from watching the kiddos i've been in girly heaven. of course everything is on sale and i've found some adorable outfit combos. i'll have to post some of my finds very soon.


Rochelle said...

I was smaller my second time around too...gained less, didn't show until at least 24 weeks...but I think I grew my second one in my butt ;) ...Hopefully that makes you feel a little better! You are so cute pregnant!

stuartandbrittney said...

Oh my goodness, that must be one of the sweetest stories in the world. What a good big brother already!

You look amazing. Where do you get your clotes from? They are so cute.

And I worry about my belly size every day.

Karen and Mike said...

You look so so good. I would consider not showing so soon a blessing! Steel is such a little sweetheart. I played with him for a few minutes last night when you were at yws. He is just so lovable! I hope your little girl is so sweet.