Thursday, February 17, 2011

much love

 "love" day was a fun one this year.
i made some scrumptious devil's food cupcakes with creamy cream cheese
frosting for my young women and for a few neighbors. it was hard giving them
up because they were seriously delish! {sorry lara for the cupcake pan fiasco!!}
steeley and i made a valentine for auntie fergie along with a plate of cupcakes.
we made a surprise appearance at her work because busy season has
already started for the accountants of the world. steele had so much
fun coloring the big pink card we made her with a tissue paper heart.
i wish i would have taken a picture.

above; steele is smelling the pretty rose daddy got for mommy.
he thought he was such a little stud walking around smelling "his"
rose.  it was funny because he would even close his eyes when he
would blow air out onto the rose from his nose. i don't think he
quite understands that smelling requires you to breath in.
such a sweet innocent age he is at.

brett and i enjoyed a date night all our own thanks to bill and lynn.
we dropped steele off after putting our name in at carrabbas. the two
hour wait was worth it. i loved seeing brett get so excited over his fillet. i
think he said "mmmmm" over a dozen times as he devoured the thing.
it really was a perfect night. thanks baby for a nice night, just us.


nothing to really do with this post but....the pictures below were from
our little family trip to get ice cream tonight. we often hit up macey's for their
amazing soft serve. it's just down the road and steele can't get enough of it.
it is fun making family traditions like this. especially when it involves ice cream!

 {i really wish i had a better should have seen how much ice cream was on his face, nose and even forehead} 


Lara said...

oh my gosh, it was not even a problem! Did you make those cupcakes from scratch? I seriously almost didn't let Taylor have the last one ;) They were delicious!

Sounds like you guys had a good valentines day! Cute little steele. Love those ice cream pictures!

jenna said...

haha i laugh at this because quinn totally breathes out when he's smelling a flower too! totally does not get it!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Darling! It's my favorite to hear about the cute things my friend's kids are doing. It always makes me laugh to hear sweet innocent way they live! So the rose story and the ice cream pics made me smile!

How sweet of you to make cupcakes and a homemade card for Steele's aunt. I can't tell you how much i LOVE getting colored pictures and cards from my nephew. I bet that MORE than made her day. How sweet of you to do that for her!

Karly said...

Hey em, My mom bought a CD with photo shops years ago and you can download it on a few comps so she gave it to me and Sarah. I have had it on my computer for so long, Its kind of embarrassing that I just learned how to use it!