Friday, February 4, 2011

first girlie purchase

here is the story....
i'm a tad stressed about having a girl and 
not being able to spend the money i want to 
making her that adorable little girlie. 
i really don't want to come across as snobby as i might
have in my last post about girl clothing.
for that i am sorry.

i know she'll be a doll to me no matter what and i really 
want her to grow up knowing she is a daughter of
God no matter how she looks or what she wears.
working with the young women in our ward 
has made me more aware of the image issues that 
the world teaches are of great importance. 

that being said, my goal is to help my daughter
know how to dress in a way that will let her divinity shine.
obviously most of these concerns will not be presented 
until she is much older. yet somehow it already weighs 
heavily on my mind. any one else feel this way about their daughter?

back to the real story. 
a few days after we found out a girl was 
kickin around in me, i wanted to buy 
something for her just because i could. you know
how that is. i was so excited. we were at the mall already
and i had $10 cash. i told brett i would find 
something for that $10. he laughed 
"there is NO way you are only going to be able to spend $10!" 
i was on a mission to prove him wrong.

i decide to go into babygap just to look around. 
in the back of my mind i was thinking "don't temp yourself". 
i went straight back to the sale section and started my search.
nothing stood out to me. then i found this adorable little 
cream ruffled skirt with attached tights with printed ballet 
shoes. i thought this is perfect 3 in 1! the question...
how much was it? $9.99!! 

i then found these bright fun monster booties
and just knew they'd be adorable with a pair of skinnies. 
and they were only $4.99! awwww
i had to stick to my promise and only spend the $10. 
i left them and went to the register. 
she then told me the best news! all sale items were an 
additional 30% off. i of course ran back and got 
the shoes just to see what my total would be. 
yes...only $10.48!!

after all that.... 
 i taught myself, and brett, to not underestimate my shopping skills.

{ps i am loving all the squirms my little girlie is making! all the time, day and night.
i love it! it makes me smile all day long.} 


Stan & Ash said...

Yay! So cute! I love baby gap! Shopping for a girl is so fun, but soooo terrible on our husbands wallets lol! Good job on the steals!

Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

So freakin' cute! That post brought a smile to my face. I love both those items that you girl Brady is going to be the cutest little mini female Steele:) Can't get any cuter than that!!! Hope that Blog list thing worked out for you.

n.davis said...

you are an amazing example. i admire you for saying that about her dressing 'to let her divinity shine'. i really just love you to pieces.
that being said, i'm the QUEEN of cheap shopping and homemade everything. next week we are getting together. lets plan a day. text me or call me and let me know what days you are free. The only day we have something is wednesday. I will show you all the bows, flowers, shoes, everything! :)

melissa marie said...

I am so excited for you to have a girl emily! love the buys. lucy has the same tutu but in pink from gap and i have loved it!

i totally know what you mean about dressing a little girl and worrying about modesty, societal pressure, etc. it is hard but you have to do what you feel is right. and just remember somebody is probably going to judge you no matter what you do, so you need to feel good about yourself! :)

danny.des.jack said...

Emily, I TOTALLY know how you are feeling. Just last week after we found out we were having a girl, I got so overwhelmed too. I want to dress her cute and make her darling, but I am so afraid of making her a little worldly thing! AHH, it's not that stressful with a boy right? I totally understand you. Everything will work out great and good job on the purchase(s). :)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Darling! And sales racks are the only way to go! You are going to be a wonderful role model for your daughter and I have no doubt she will absolutely know her true worth through the life you lead. But good for you for feeling you can never start too early!

Sarah said...

So exciting that you are having a girl.. Girls are the absolute best!!! Although they do come with a lot more attitude than boys!!! How fun to have one of each!!! Congrats!!

jenna said...

love getting a good deal!

i'm not worried about you dressing her well! steele is always dressed to the nines and you are on a budget with his clothing too! we all are! there isn't any sense in buying ridiculously expensive clothes for these messy kids anyway right?

PLUS i think it's easier to find cheap clothes for girls that are cute. i swear boys you are FORCED to buy expensive to have them look half way decent!

last thought, do all your shopping at H&M :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Em, I love your blog! It's so fun to see what some of my fav Brady cousins are up to. Your daughter is going to be so lucky to have you for her mother. You are a beautiful woman whose divinity shines through in everything you do and you will teach your daughter to be the same way! I can't get over how stinkin cute Steele is. What a wonderful family.

Karly said...

oh I love that little tutu! I debated and debated buying it, and regretted that I didnt.

Lara said...

It is so true. There is a greater plan. Our girls are going to grow up in hard times where they need to know their self worth.

These are way cute pieces of clothing! Can we please get together and swap ideas. I have tons of tutorials and stuff I wanna show you on making hair flowers and other cute girly things!

Hope you're feeling all better by now!