Wednesday, February 2, 2011

family pictures fall 2010

today i realized i never posted some of my very favorites of our photo shoot back in the fall.
 if you need someone to take your family pictures PLEASE let me know and i'll get you in touch with mckenna. she really did an amazing job and i love how she worked with steele. 

i want to enlarge this one for our bedroom. it turned out very romantic. 
probably my favorite of just us.

happy love month


Kim said...

They turned out darling! Such a cute family!

grant + brittany said...

i love how your outfits are coordinated. cute color scheme. and i'm pretty much obsessed with your shoes.

what in the world are you doing recommending adorable shoes to me that are $40? just kidding. but seriously... i loooove all those shoes. so so cute.

so yes and kids clothes. i had that bookmarked in my "baby/toddler" folder and totally forgot about it.

old navy has cute stuff, i just bought two things there that were 50% off. other than that? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!! i found a few things at target but let me tell you sista... i'm still struggling. however i promise to relay anything cute i find over to you. thank you SOOOO much for sending info over to me- i love it.

Nic & Trudi said...

I love these. And I totally think you should get that last one enlarged for your room. SO CUTE!!! And thanks for letting me know about for kids. I'm super excited about it....Nic isn't as excited as I am though...haha.

Jeff & Kayci said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! You are so dang beautiful Em! I can't wait to see your sweet baby girl. I also love the little skirt and shoes you bought her:)

Lara said...

oh you're so good. Look at all these posts! I love these pictures. You have such a cute family!

kylee said...

goodness you are gorgeous & your family is adorable.