Friday, March 11, 2011

bring on the sunshine

i don't even know how warm it is outside.
i think i'll call the "time and temp" hotline like i did when i was ten.
it's gotta be at least 60. it's beautiful out there!

friday's are so enjoyable because brett only works a half day so he get's home at noon.
when he and steele wake up from their naps we're going to go for a walk.
we already had a picnic out on the play ground and yes steele was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

whipped out a few cute felt bows last night for lil miss sunshine.
think these are a few of my favorites so far and were seriously a sinch to to make.
made the yellow ones small enough so they can be worn when she is a newborn.
have any of you eve glued a bow on your newborns head?
i don't know how that works exactly but i like the idea.

i figured i'd sport the blue bow today.
no joke steele saw me put it on my head and he said "so pretty mommy".
i don't think i ever tell him he looks "pretty" so i'm not sure where that came from. ha.

happy sunshine to you all.
i hope you can get out an enjoy it because i am.


Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

Yo, Yo! What's your pre-blog so I can add it to my list? OH and this weather is fabulous!! I'm glad you guys got some use out of it! OH and another, love the bows!!

Jared, Heather Emmett said...

Super cute! My mom used syrup or honey I think to stick bows to my baby head. I can't remember exactly but it was something silly.

Nic & Trudi said...

KY Jelly. The nurses will give you some in the hospital before you go home. And those bows are SUPER cute!!!

Carrie said...

Way cute bows! I heard you can just use a glue stick and it works. I don't know. I love the pics of steele in the last post. So adorable.

n.davis said...

so cute. i might have to copy for sophs
little mullet hairs. :) those bows would look so
cute on it! I loved that you modeled it on your belly.
sooo cute.

here's to many play dates outside in the sunshine!! wahoo!

Karen and Mike said...

we too have enjoyed the warm days! so excited for summer.

Stan & Ash said...

Cute bows!!!! KY is what they say in the hospital!