Friday, March 4, 2011

for the youth

i have learned so much from being in the young women's program. i'm sad to say this sunday i'll be released after going through two presidencies now. it's been a lot of work but i have come to love each one of my young women. i'm the second counselor so i am with the beehives most of the time. we have a lot of inactive girls in our ward as well as many that come from split homes. this means a lot of back and forth between mom and dad's house. we also don't have much parental support. it is a strange thing for me because growing up it was never really an option not to go to church or activities. i was always encouraged to go when i didn't want to. definitely not the case in our ward. i feel like we have done so much to help the girls want to come to church and activities and we slowly activated a few. it is the best feeling in the world we you see one of your young women walk into church or say "yes come pick me up". really i never knew how much i would start caring about these girls and their future. my heart was really in it for them. 

i also got the opportunity to teach. this was my first teaching experience other than nursery and primary so i was very nervous. youth are difficult to teach because you have to keep their interest while teaching gospel principles. i wrote this poem for one of my sunday lessons. i really enjoyed writing poems for the young women.  

Who is She?

Faith is hope, Faith is love
Faith is trust in Him above
With marveling eyes I wonder how
Yet I know without a doubt

I am a daughter of a King
Divine I am in everything
My role is grand here on this earth
I have been noble from my birth

My worth is of rubies oh so fair
It strengthens me to evade Satan’s lair
Inside I know the truth of my heart
As does He, “How great Thou art”

My knowledge grows each new day
To learn of Him, is why I pray
I study in Faith to know the truth
Pledged I have, for I am Zion’s youth

Good or bad I must choose
My merit I will never loose
A gift to me, a whispering voice
Eternally, I will make the right choice

Blessed to serve those around
My Savor, now I have found
My works and actions are in play
This is my destiny in this latter-day

Honest in my daily life
To better myself and avoid much strife
With pure heart and two pure hands
I do as the Lord commands

Now at a caliber that will withstand
My virtue is above all the land
I am she of purity
Never swayed or worldly

Personally I must progress
I will always put forth my best
Striving to return to Him
I will refuse the urge to sin

With His guidance I surly know
Which path to choose and where to go
With the Savior as my guide
I will always have Him by my side

-Emily Brady, 2010 

below is my most recent poem. i wrote it this past week for our stake new beginnings program that i was in charge of. it was all put on me last minuet and i was very intimidated but it turned out to be such a great night. i had this analogy in my head of relating popcorn kernels to the young women. i had several different thoughts but i liked how the poem turned out. we did white chocolate cover popcorn in all the different value colors. in cellophane bags we put an assortment of the colored popcorn with the poem attached. they turned out really cute.

{i wish you could see the all colors better. the popcorn turned out really yummy.}

A quaint little kernel no imperfection is found
It is meek; it is humble and perfectly round
For this little seed knows not what it will be
Its potential unknown, faith is now the key

In goes the kernel to the piping hot popper of life
How will this tiny pearl deal with such strive?
Through the heat of life perseverance is learned
Boiling hot heat for good can be turned

Blossoming and blooming each at its own pace
Kernels bud one by one, for it is not a race
Unique each blossom, the heat now subsides
The flower knows its beauty, it finally flies

Possibilities are endless for flavor and for flair
Some candied and kettled, some savory and rare
Delicious each variation is to savor and to eat
Just remember the journey of this tasty treat 

-Emily Brady 2011

{feel free to use either of these poems if  you are in young women's} 

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Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

I think I might use that popcorn one for my Relief Society lesson. You'll have to tell me how you made the popcorn.