Tuesday, March 29, 2011

soak it up

i can't believe i'm in my third trimester now (well a week ago).
not going to lie, i'm kind of sad to leave tri two behind.
it was so nice to have a little more energy and not be a giant hipo
and still fit into most my clothes...minus the jeans.
those stopped fitting ages ago as soon as my belly popped out..

i really do enjoy pregnancy. undoubtedly it's my lack of patience that
wants things to hurry along, but i kindly remind myself to embrace every stage.
her little elbow, or knee, what ever the round knob is poking out my right
side at all times is so strange. i almost can get a hold of it before she pulls away.
her crazy flailing is one of the most incredible experiences pregnancy brings.

life has been very busy for us. which is just the way i like it.
when i don't have a lot to keep me busy, i find myself feeling down.
even if one day i don't have any plans i kind of get antsy and grumpy.
most people would kill for a day of just lounging around. not me.
even if it is a play day with a friend or a trip to the store, it makes my day.

more to come on the birthday planning, nursery and the steelster moving to a big boy bed.


kelsey and murray said...

look at how darling you are! love the springy dress... oh how i am ready for warmth!!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

You look so great Emily! I'm so excited for you, but so sad were not in the same ward anymore and in young womens together:( Miss ya!

Nic & Trudi said...

You are so cute! I'm sad I don't see you as often anymore. Let's plan a play date soon. Nixon keeps asking to go see Steele and he always asks where Steele is. HAHA.

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Yay! I've been wanting to see an up-to-date prego pic. You look darling Emily! And look how long your hair is getting!
I was sad to leave trimester 2 as well, definitely when you feel the best. I too love being busy and getting out! We are sooooo sick of being inside after winter. That's why I want to move down there so bad, so we're closer to family and friends and not by ourselves as much!
So I'm excited to hear about Steele's big boy bed. We've been debating what to do about Cohen, and the whole situation. Share your details with me! Are you going to try and potty train him before the baby too??

melissa marie said...

you look wonderful. can't wait to see the nursery! you have such cute style.

Karly said...

oh you look sooo cute! I lOVE that dress! I cant wait to see what you have in store for her nursery... I know its going to be unbelievable!