Wednesday, March 9, 2011


lil nuggs is my best friend. 
really who wouldn't be your best friend
 after spending almost two straight years together.
everyday is smiles, laughs and adventures.
steele will be two at the beginning of april.
two years! the first year went very quickly but 
the second year went by like a few months would.

when steele was first born i soaked up every second. 
i think a lot of this was because i love the baby stage
and was not really looking forward to the age where 
steele is at now. i thought by this age steele
 would get to that not so fun age of wining, bratty 
two year old. i never knew how sweet and 
light hearted steele would be. i know i got lucky 
with this little guy. he is absolutely lovable.

lately we have been spending most our time outside.
i happen to be a "true utahn" and like
the snow. my favorite are the big storms that 
bring loads of snow. i love letting steele
look out our balcony window and see his
eyes light up. nothing is better. 

after the last snow storm about two weeks ago,
i got steele all hyped up about going out and
building a snowman. i got all of our snow clothes on
and got ready to go out when steele said "i so essited!"

{note: steele still doesn't know how to smile with his eyes open}

snow never sticks around this time of year. 
it all melts hours after it falls. i don't mind when it melts. 
the sun comes out and it is spring again.

when the sun is shining you will find us outside. 
spring is so near it makes me smile. 

below is our "swamp" out in front of our condos.
it is a little stream with fish and this particular 
day we saw a large crawdad. tea wanted more than 
anything to dive in and eat the thing but
 the water is too muddy for me to let her. 
steele can't get enough of throwing 
rocks in and spotting out the fish. 

how could i not be in love with this little man. 
i love being in his world and i love him in mine! 
love you little nugget.

oh and funny story:
sunday 20 min before church i get a call informing me
that i will be released and recalled as the young women's
second counselor. yep, this will be my third presidency.
lesson learned. don't make assumptions.


Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

I love how he's wearing his hat adorable. I can't believe he's already almost 2! So crazy how out little families are growing. I feel like we never see each other anymore:( we'll have to fix that. Love you!

Karen and Mike said...

Steele is such a sweet little guy.
The yw story is a little crazy. I've never heard of them releasing you and then calling you right back to the same calling within the week!