Wednesday, July 20, 2011

6 weeks

love my little perry winks
i can not believe my precious perry is 6 weeks. 
it kind of breaks my heart to think she won't stay little for much longer. 
the newborn, little little is just to die for. 
it's one of my favorite stages by far. 
she is already getting some chub in her cheeks. 
9lbs 11oz
23.4 in
although she is not growing nearly as fast as steele did
i know it will only be a week or two before the newborn outfits won't fit. 

a few things i want to remember about my little perry;

//she is one long skinny baby. all her clothes are big on her but she is out growing the length of most.

//loves skin on skin time with mommy. calms her almost instantly.

//being wrapped up into a tiny papoos is her favorite. brett doesn't think she can breath with how tight i wrap her...which she obviously can. he also says i like it more than she does but i know she loves it. she doesn't sleep unless she is snug as a bug. 

//very strong neck. loves tummy time.

//beautiful bright eyes

//she is tongue-tied. i thought her tongue was just shaped funny but i've done some research and scheduled an appointment with our pediatrician. yesterday she saw the dr about it {this is how i know her weight and height} and he isn't worried at all. it isn't effecting her eating so there is no need to clip the frenulum. 

//for the most part she is a mellow baby like steele. she is a little harder to console when she is upset but sleeps and eats great. i was really worried for some reason that i would have a terror child {i guess she still could be...}. i thought because i had such a good baby the first time that my next would be hard. but she is such a sweet heart.

//does NOT love her car seat like steele did. she usually cries when we are in the car. i have been playing classical music which has really helped.

//eats every 3 hours for 6 minutes on each side {my milk comes crazy fast. she has to gulp it down and it still runs out the sides of her mouth}. she used to fall asleep once she got a little bit of milk in her belly. now all i have to do is change her diaper in between and get a cold wipe on her bum to get her to wake up. when she was first born we'd have to get something really cold to put on her feet to get her to latch onto the other side. now that she is getting older she is doing better at staying awake for feedings.

//sleeps like a champ at night. wakes up to eat and then goes right back to sleep.

//likes her bath but LOVES having her hair washed. this is always brett's job while i hold her in her towel. she closes her eyes like she is in heaven while he scrubs her little head. 

//she is looking at me. not just stare off into space but looking at me. she is so close to smiling. her eyes light up when she makes eye contact. i know it will be soon. 


i still feel like i can't catch up on blogging. 
i want to make the effort to post short posts more often. 
no one likes to read a post that is miles long so i'll try to keep them shorter from now on.

love you!


Chloé said...

she is so darling emily! i can't believe that she is 6 weeks already! and i wish we could have seen you over at georgia's too! i hope you guys are doing great!

Lara said...

Your eyelashes look fantastic! I love them. She is so darling. Brynn doesn't like the car either. I need to get some classical music going too I think ;)

I REALLY need to have you come show me how to swaddle better. I get the concept and I can get it right most of the time.. but For some reason I have a hard time getting it tight around the shoulders.. hmm i need help!

Stan & Ash said...

Winnie loved getting her hair washed to! I love her name more and more and she is just so cute! Its funny the things that calm them down while others can just put them out the roof! I love the newborn stage too, i can't believe how fast it all goes...