Friday, July 22, 2011

esther jane

look at that hair!
i know, it's abosolutely gorgeous.
little esther was born on july 14, 7lbs 15ozs 20 in.

i really am excited for perry to have two cousins her age.
they will be best little buds. i'm anxious to get a picture of all 3 of them together! 


Lara said...

holy hair!!!!!


i love that bow on perry! so cute. I want to make more cute girly hair things.

Keith and Charayye said...

A few things....You're little Perry is just beautiful! I love how you told about how she loves her hair getting washed and how she closes her eyes and enjoys every minute! I actually smiled reading that part cause I could just picture her sweet little face enjoying it! And I know about the whole long and skinny babies! Both of mine have been like that! It's like you have to get bigger clothes for length cause they're tall haha! Also, your eyelashes do look great! Are they extensions? I ask cause of the other girls comment about them:) I love the pics in your other posts of Steele jumping off and flying into the air! So funny! And little Esther is so cute! I love how long your hair is! And you look just great! You look like you're doing good for yourself and have a beautiful family! Also your posts are not long! Um take a look at mine! I don't always write a ton but I have massive posts with pictures haha! Which I keep telling myself I need to shorten them but I always have to many favs to leave out! I'm working on it though! However I do want to print it out so that makes me post alot to! And you seem to be always caught up on blogging! I've always thought man she is always right on with her posts! I'm always like 2-3 months behind which I'm working on to! I just did our Easter 2011 post hahaha! Anyway great posts and I look forward to seeing all of little Perry's milestones:)
Oh and p.s. did you happen to see in the last comment I left you that I have a little something I want to send you? I can either mail it to you or I can leave it with Shane to give to you! Either way is cool! If you want me to send it just email me your address! take care!

Keith and Charayye said...

Btw in the beginning of my comment I meant to say your little Perry, Not you're little Perry haha! Don't you love it when you find typo errors you've done after you hit enter!

Karen and Mike said...

Oh my goodness both babies are so beautiful!

Stan & Ash said...

awe little girls are just sersiously so precious! Their cute little features...awe I could look at them all day!