Sunday, July 10, 2011

one month of memories {part one}

these are all events since perry's birth.
A LOT has been'll see what i mean.
and yes this post is way too long. i already know it.

{home from the hospital}

 {first bath at home}
grandma always gives the firth bath at home

 {captured smiles}

{meeting cousins for the first time}

 {daily swim lessons}
steele is a pro at swimming....well almost.
he can put his head all the way under the water on his own,
float on his back with only a little bit of help, 
jump in the pool and go all the way under.
his teacher austin has been so great with him!

 {mommy's golden birthday}
i turned 25 on the 25th of june!
we call this your "golden birthday"
my families threw me a big birthday bbq up the canyon.
 thanks aunt fergie for putting it all together. 

{meeting grandma & grandpa great}
my little brother's farwell was june 26th. 
perry got to meet all her great aunts, uncles, cousins....
it was such a fun day and ryan did such a great job on his talk! 

i love this picture.
honey moon bliss in pebble beach california. 
we were both so young and so in love.
i'm happy to say that we still are. 
july 1 marked six years of our happy marriage. 
love this man a lot. 
he's the best daddy to his kids and 
the best husband anyone could ask for. 

{baby braxton is born}
 july 2 braxton wayne naef was born 
to brittany and brandon. his sisters hallie and madi 
are more than thrilled that their little brother
fianlly came. now we have one more 
little girly waiting to come. 
carrie is hoping it will be sooner than later! be continued. 
there is so much more that needs to be posted so i'm going to call it
quits for now and finish the rest in a bit. 
to come;
july 4th weekend
ryan leaving for two yrs.....
hayley's birthday
brett's birthday {tomorrow}

can you see why i feel so exhausted?! 
it's on thing after another. but i wouldn't have it any other way. 
i love summer in all it's craziness!

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Lara said...

oh i love all these pictures. You are so on top of everything ;) {I need to be like emily}. Perry is so beautiful. I want to get together and see her again. You look amazing by the way!