Thursday, July 14, 2011

one month of memories {part two}

{july 4th weekend}
on saturday july 2nd we bbqed, 
celebrated josh's birthday {yes another one of the many birthdays}
went to progressive power tumbling with my fam,
ate some delicious jcw's,
and enjoyed the fireworks up at jenn and jordan's. 

{sunday july 3rd}
we lounged around all day.
ate good food, played games and enjoyed family time.
this was ryan's last weekend home so we spent 
a lot of time as a family. 

perry is well loved.


 {auntie jilly bob}this picture is so sweet. she loves being an aunt.
 {the illegal stuff}
we all sat around and watched ryan make dry ice bombs and pica-lo pete's. 
he has always been a little pyro. 
fun times.
 getting some perry time in before he leaves.
she will be two when he returns.....

 {the provo parade}
the parade becomes more of a mad house 
every year. thank you to josh's parents who saved
two amazing spots. one spot was in the shade so that's 
where we ended up. the only reason why we 
go to the parade is because we love the look on steele's
face. he is thoroughly entertained every second.

 {swimming bbq at grandma's}
the water felt so nice after being in the hot sun at the parade.

 {totally pooped after this fun filled weekend}
but it doesn't end there....

{tues july 5th}
ryan gets set apart as a missionary
we went to brick oven before the setting apart

{wednesday, july 6}
my baby brother leaves for the mtc.
he will be going to the fort lauderdale florida mission, spanish speaking.

this wasn't a sad day.
sad is a bad word to use because we were all 
very happy and proud that he decided to 
serve a two year mission for the church.
my dad said we all just had heavy hearts. 
that is the best way to describe how we all were feeling. 

the morning of....

 one last jump on the "jumpoline"
this was steele's absolute favorite thing to do with uncle ryan

 good bye to bronco

{the drop off}
i get emotional all over again as i post these pics. 
we all will miss ryan very much.
he's my only brother and i love spending time with him.
he is such a mellow awesome kid. 
very intelligent and his work ethic is rare. 
love you ryan!

{he's elder skousen now}


Ware Family said...

I got a little choked up seeing your mom giving your brother a hug. I realized that was her first missionary!

The Colvins said...

I loved all the pictures. Seeing the pics of Ryan hugging you all at the MTC made me think of how I will feel one day dropping off my boys...

Lara said...

Oh, missionary goodbyes are so fun and sad at the same time. 2 years goes by so fast. It really is strange to think how old your kids will be when your brother gets back! It makes you wish it would go by slower. These pictures are so cute. Little perry is such a doll. Your hair is getting so long! I love it!

Karen and Mike said...

gosh emily i got all teary eyed reading ryans post.