Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ignorant Citizen

I will fully admit that in the past I couldn’t care less about politics. And became just that, an ignorant citizen. I figured I’d leave that debacle to those who had the time to get wrapped up in the debate and government uproars. My Dad has always followed the ins and outs of political circles. As of the past 6 months things have started to change for me too. I am starting to feel the empowerment of being an educated citizen. Knowing what our government is doing is not just critical; it is our duty to our Country!

About 3 months ago something major changed over at the Skousen home. My parents got cable television. Yes, after years of nothing but Little House on the Prairie and Home Improvement they succumbed to modern technology and got Direct TV. My mom is now obsessed with HGTV and on the other hand my Dad was overly thrilled to be able to watch GLENN BECK. And better yet record Glen Beck. Because of this, every time I’m at my parents my Dad turns it on and says “Emily, you HAVE to come watch this episode!” To my surprise Glenn Beck is one of the best teachers I have ever listened to. I happen to be politically illiterate (not sure if that is even correct word usage) so when political jargon is thrown my way I usually duck and hide. He is great at painting a clear picture and doesn’t just assume that you know everything about politics. At times he can be overly exuberant but boy does he know how to make you feel empowered. You can listen to his show on 105.7 and also watch him on Fox News.

It is people like me who don’t think they can play a roll in such a large picture. Simply not true. Voting makes a difference but we need to do more.


I know this is not the most popular blogging subject but I’m just trying to do my part.

As everyone knows the Healthcare Bill was passed over the weekend and yesterday was signed by Pres Obama. As of now many states are suing and rightfully so. What really caught my attention was when I saw the clip from yesterday’s signing; Joe Biden turned the time over to Obama to give his little hurrah speech and as he leaned away from the podium you hear him say to the Pres “this is a f***ing big deal”. What? Please tell me the Vice President of the United States did not just say that to the President. Yes, he did. And it was welcomed with a big smile on Obama’s face.

Next on the President’s list is abortion. As a women and a mother I am appalled by this subject. Having had such difficulties becoming pregnant I can not fathom such a concept. What happened to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I literally can not go into it more than this because I become enraged. It is too emotional for me.

Where is our voice? Where is your voice? Why is there a man sitting like a king looking over his democracy on capital hill? Because a number of people in this country liked the idea of a change. Such a drastic change that it would bring the middle class people to their knees to feed, coddle and put money in the pockets of an ever growing lazy class of so called citizens.

Am I being over dramatic? Sadly I am not. I am finally realizing my power and responsibility as a citizen of this country. So should you!


Rachel said...

I completely agree and understand how you feel. I love listening to Sean Hannity (even though I'm usually outraged after). I sometimes feel so frustrated; like nothing can be done. I always felt really ignorant of what was going on in the country, but hopefully more of us can learn how to make a difference! Great post Emily!

Kristin and Dan said...

All I can say is... well said! Everything you said is true. I used to be "politically illiterate" too as you called it, but in the 2008 election my husband got really into Bill O'Reilly and ever since then I feel like I actually understand it more and can know what is going on in our world... Oh and by the way, that's a big day for your house to get cable!! My mom has been trying to find a time for me to go see your parents' remodel, she said it's beautiful! I need to get over there soon.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

LOVED this post! Gosh, I came over to tell you that I'm so excited for the big 1st birthday for your not-so-little anymore baby boy but I am SO impressed with all you just said. I've been really looking for a way to learn more about what's going on with our government and I kid-you-not I'm going to begin with listening to Glenn Beck.

You are such a good writer and your post was super motivating. You are just so impressive, Emily. I hope you know that in the little bit of interaction I've had with you I've been floored by just how amazing of a person you are!

Thanks for your thoughts! Oh and hooray for the upcoming big day!

Jay & Tammi Roberts said...

Way to go and well said! Sadly, I was the same exact way. I thought I could leave this political stuff to the people who really understood and knew what they were talking about, but it is time for us all to take a stand!

Alex said...

I hear ya Em! I am politically illiterate as well but I am seriously freaked out about what America is becoming. From the insane gun control laws that the gov. are trying to enact to the cryptic health care bill, I'm appalled. What kind of America are we leaving for our children? Where I get stuck is where to start? What can little ol' me do to help fix this? I think that this is where most of us citizens are at, unsure what to do.