Thursday, March 18, 2010

million miles a minute

my brain gets stuck on something and i just can't let it go {whatever it may be}

10 reasons why my brain can't rest....and quite possibly in order....

i love paint. whether it is on a wall, frame, furniture or canvas i want to paint it. a picture on canvas for our dinning room is what is on my mind. i have it invisioned already.

i would love to make some pillows for my bed and a valance for our living room & steele's room. i also am in need of a new high waisted flirty skirt. i'm not much for patterns so we'll see what i come up with....

3//interior design
i can't get wall paper out of my mind. i love graphic yet soft wall paper. also great eclectic lighting. i just finished helping my mom design her new house and we found an amazing vintage chandelier. they remodeled their home and added on a great room. it was the time of my life. i'll have to post pics of how it turned out. love it.

i have really enjoyed a few of my friends posts about their creativeness! its fun to create something that is you and your style. here are a few of my creations and all of which were totally experimental.
{the slippers were for steele but i think they turned out kind of it dangerous to put these babies on him?}

{i took an old cardigan that i was about to toss and dressed it up by tacking a few navy buds on the collar}
{and just a few cute first time trial flowers}

5//wood carving
i've got this idea in my head of carving a sail boat for above steele's bed. don't know where that came from. that sprung from my restless night.

if anyone really knows me, they know i struggle with organization. yet i still yearn for a house of order. shelves of perfectly folded clothes, drawers and cupboards with no clutter, an office with bills filed away. somehow this fairytale never becomes a reality for me. why? simple, because i'm me. two, three days of perfection and it's back to the same old clutter.

worldly, i know but i'm outrageously and utterly sick of my hair. i've gone from blonde long to blonde short, brown long brown short and every where in between. i've even had a platinum spot in the back of my hair. i've never done red just doesn't seem right. i've cut straight across bangs and done the wavy curls thing. anyway the result. i'm stuck with my same old mom hair. brett is encouraging me to grow my hair out because he likes it long but with my hair type (crazy fine with absolutely NO volume). i think it looks best short and dark. i truly, honestly want your opinion. most of you have seen me with all of these styles.

i said enough in my last post....

i’ve really enjoyed blogging lately. i like getting my thoughts in writing. it is very therapeutic.

i would love more than anything to bring the outside beauty in more often. i adore wild flowers and need them on my table. the light airiness of a floral centerpiece just might make my week. i scoured the web looking for a bundle of flowers that were to my liking. and.....none. maybe i'll have to go out in search for my idealic centerpiece and create it myself. 


Truly and Shane said...

that was a fun post to read. Here's my honest thoughts- thats all you'll ever get from me... if you ask. SO... the shoes are fab but too girly for sure! I think you are such a pretty girl. no. matter. what. I've liked your hair everytime you did it...not so much the platimun blone streak in the back but it WAS fun and I'm glad you tried it out. I liked the straight across bangs at one time because I feel like it fit your personality alot and not too many girls can pull off all these different looks and stay confident. I would really like to see you grow your hair out. definitely grow it out. At dinner on sunday I was looking at it and it really is getting longer. only a few more inches and it will stay behind your shoulders which will change your look drastically. its the patience that sucks. as far as the flowers- im sure you know this but the number 1 interior decorating mistake, according to Martyha Stewart and Dorothy Dreaper is FAKE flower arrangemnets. I have to absolutely agree I hate them. I'm sure you're talking about fresh ones though? When Carrie had Bentley you brought her an assortment of white flowers and it was amazing!

Karen and Mike said...

I love the slippers, not too girly. Is there anything that could make Steele look girly, honesty?! Love the flower pins/accessories. Those are a hot selling item right now, and so much cheaper and cuter to make yourself and make just right for your outfit. I too love food, I guess that's because we're family! As far as your hair goes, I really like it dark, and it's so cute short, really shows your sassy side! And is easier to be extreame with short hair. But when I saw you last the length looked good, maybe you just need a trim. Good luck with that decision, I'm trying to make the same one myself!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

I love this post and am glad to know that I am not the only one that can't sleep because of stuff like that. I am just glad that it is things like this that keep me awake and not how to feed my baby. I love everything you listed and there is no way the shoes are to girly for steele he is so boy nothing could make him look girly.

Chloé said...

emily! those little crafts you made..all of them..are so cute! i love those flowers that you made! i would totally wear them :)

Lindsay said...

Grow your hair! I am all about long hair!!!! Do it! You are gorgeous either way, but It has been short for a bit, so grow it :). And Can I just say, that I love your blog!!!!!! MIss ya girl

Kristin and Dan said...

you are so ambitious with your crafts and painting and cooking and sewing - i'm seriously impressed. by the way, i LOVE what you did with the blue flowers on your cardigan... turned out so cute!

the hopkins said...

Emily. I am the EXACT SAME WAY. If I get something like this on my mind, it doesn't go away until I finish it. Ahhh!!! I feel like my mind is always going crazy. I love all the things you listed. I totally want wall-paper, but unrealistic in our little townhouse, so maybe one day! The shoes you made are so cute! I think if you paired them with the right outfit they wouldn't look too girly. And I love all the crafts you are doing. If you sew a skirt or pillows or whatever make sure you post about it so can share ideas!
As far as your hair... Not everyone can go brown or blonde, but I think you can totally do either. I like your hair all ways. Brunette seems more like you, to me. But I like it blonde too. I'd actually like to see closer to your natural color, or maybe a caramel-y warm brown? And I think you should grow it! And if it starts to get stringy and you don't like it then cut it :) I know everyone has different opinions about this stuff and sometimes it just confuses you more, but there is mine!

Dane and Jessica said...

You make me so jealous I keep seeing all these paintings people are posting on their blogs and some of them look so simple but there is no way I could do anything even simple. I LOVE the shirt you made, once again I can't even make those flowers let alone make it look cute on a shirt! And I totally feel you on the hair thing, the last few years I haven't had the same color or length for more than I few months...I just can't figure out what I like!

Kristin said...

You forgot to mention the poofy bang style that you use to wear when you were little. I loved that look! Where has the time gone?

grant + brittany said...

okay first of all i have to say THANKYOU for all your sweet comments. i love them and can tell that you are so sincere and i really appreciate that.

onto this post. you are talented. especially if you helped your mom on that gorgeous room upstairs. seriously, i was loving just taking it all in. you should definitely post pictures of it. oh and i love paint too.

i also want to make a high waisted flirty skirt so i'm anxious to see what you come up with!

um the sailboat thing? ya let's just say apparently we have some things in common.

organization. i can't talk about this right now. its too overwhelming.

it is like the hardest thing ever to be satisfied with hair. seriously. are we ever? have i ever been? you don't have mom hair though. i say look at a million pictures and rip out as many pictures that stand out to you. see what they all have in common and go from there. is that a lame suggestion? hope not.

THANKYOU for saying that blogging is fun and therapeutic. cause i agree! it can be so fun!

Alex said...

You have just put into words the songs of my heart! Yes, I'm a fool for HGTV for the past 3 years and its killing me because I have no money to decorate and create the pictures in my head! Its depressing sometimes. And I'm also a sucker for the beautiful wall paper! Ah, Candice Olsen from Divine Design always picks the most amazing wallpapers. And don't even get started on my hair! Ugg, i'm sick of of it. I'm dying for a change. I want short, soft flowing hair so that I can feel the wind in it!...ok, I need to blog about this now because I could go on forever!