Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day Four- Monterey Bay Aquarium

Jenn and Jordan took the day and traveled up to San Fran.
We decided with two kids that probably wouldn't be the most convenient trip.
So we to the Aquarium for the day. 

Brett and I have lots of memories at the Aquarium. 
On our honeymoon we took one of my most adored photos with a disposable camera.

And every time we go we have to get a picture in the clam shell. 

I love this picture.


Keith and Charayye said...

What fun!!! That would be neat to go there! CVute kiddos Emily! And btw...I LOVE your hair! It has gotten so long!!! And I love the color to!!! Great looking family:) Hope you're all doing well!

Stan & Ash said...

So cute!! I love that you got to go there with your cute little kids! You all look great

Trevor Heidi McCoy said...

Hey, Kara wants an invite. For some reason, it never got added...or she thinks her email might have not been working. Add her with Craig's email,