Monday, September 26, 2011

a shout out to my brothers

this picture made me tear up when i saw it. 
doesn't my brother look so happy! {no question mark because i know he is.}
and a very hansom missionary if i say so myself;)

yesterday he happened to go to the same ward as my aunt joann!
my aunt and uncle live in nyc but have a home in orlando.
she was traveling with my cousin and happen to go to that ward!
this picture was sent to my dad who then sent it to us, quickly making all of our day.
they got to shoot a few text messages to him. i know my mom was just thrilled.
love my brother.soooo.much.

then there is my other brother. 
to clarify he is really brett's brother, 
but he is my brother too. 
i love him like he is my own brother. 

zach is in mexico. i pray for zach a lot. 
the thought of him in mexico kind of scares me
{i should have never watched the history channel's drug cartel documentary...} 
 but i know he is in the Lords hands. 

he is such a sincere missionary. 
he has a glow about him in each picture he sends.
i know the people he teaches can see that he genuinely cares.
i also know the little kids love him. 
he plays soccer with them and says they all kick his butt.

i love you zach!
 i'm so proud of you and the work you are doing for your brothers and sisters.
 keep up the hard work! 


Brittany said...

em love the post...such cute missionaries. Hey do you know what a gringo is???

emily+brett said...

haha. i thought gringo was a little kid. brett just told me that is what they call us. yep i'm pretty awesome.

Brittany said...

I just thought is was funny!!! I have always thought you were awesome :)

kylee said...

missionaries are the besssst!

Karly said...

oh we DOES look so happy! so fun! I miss feeding the missionaries. They seriously have a different spirit than anyone else.