Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Two and Three- Beach Days

We were absolutely spoiled with the weather. 
The week before Shane said they didn't have single day of sun.
Northern Cali is very finicky when it comes to the forecast.
When packing for Pebble you always prepare for it all.

Well we had three beautiful days, two of which we went to the beach. 

The water is freezing cold but that did not stop Steele.
If we didn't stay within an arms reach he would have been swallowed up by a wave. 

Our second day at the beach was warmer than the first. 
Towards the end of the day this strange fog came in but it stayed warm.
We finally left once the sun wasn't shining through anymore. 

I love this picture. I think I'm going to blow it up for Steele's room. 
I love the detail of the sand on his sweet little face.

Look at that water....breathtaking. 

Steele braved the water and full on went swimming. 
 Adrenaline junky already? The water really is so cold. 
Brett and Jordan braved it too and went body surfing.

This picture below makes me laugh. Steele totally ate it. 
I can't believe I caught his fall on camera. 
He popped right back a little startled but then kept playing.

Here is the fog. Isn't it eary?


stuartandbrittney said...

You look amazing!!! Those pictures are awesome. Also, thank you for your advice on the bath. I tried a warmer temp. and he did so much better. Thank you, thank you!!

jenna said...

hi you did nOT have a baby!!! i'd pretty much kill for your legs!

what a fun vacation!!!!

Stan & Ash said...

I just love all these pictures!! Seriously you look great!!! Love the picture of Steele