Friday, September 9, 2011

a weekend with the brady's

 i was just going to let the pictures do the talking but i had to tell you about brett and eric's little accident. we had a lot of fun with the four wheelers this past labor day weekend. unfortunately a few of the boys had too much fun. to be specific brett and eric. well really let's just say brett because he was driving. they were trying to nail teej with paint balls from a sling shot. brett swerved to avoid hitting a tree stump and hit a little dirt woop and bam they flew straight into tree! my dear husband was NOT wearing a helmet but luckily eric was. they both were ejected into the air over the handle bars. the tree grazed brett's head but he took most of the brunt to his shoulder and eric went head first into the tree. like i said he was very lucky he was wearing a helmet. he blacked out for minute and couldn't move when he woke up. other than some minor concussions, scrapes and bruises, i'm happy to say both of them ended up being just fine.

other than that little miss-hap....{well a car load on the way up hit a deer, but it didn't do any damage} we had a fabulous little get away at my grandparents cabin. we hope to do it again!


Stan & Ash said...

Scary! Glad everything is ok! A boy In my ward passed away from this same type of accident! You seem to be having such a wonderful summer. Such cute pictures!

Emily Frame said...

thank you so much for your comment, such great tips!
i am writing them all down.