Sunday, September 18, 2011

on a sunday afternoon

sunday has become a much appreciated day for me.  
i've learned to really enjoy sunday's. 

when i was younger it was always a day that i had to go to church,
  couldn't play with my friends, go swimming or watch tv.
now i'm grateful for the spiritual enlightenment & mellow leisure sunday brings. 
anyone would swoon over our 75 degree stress free september day.
 spending time with family & enjoying the sabath is a blessing. 

now as for my own home things have changed a bit. 
i know many would disagree but i think a little football on sunday isn't too shabby.
as long as your together as a family, right?

football season is in full swing.
it's just one more thing ushering fall in.  
brett is weeks into his flag football on monday's. 
sunday's are also filled with NFL games 
{we're more pro than college fans but always love a good close game. 
...which last night's cougar vs ute game was not. lame.} 
we enjoy watching a good game together & steele is starting to get into it too.

so the boys decided to play a little 500 out front tonight.

good ol' rivalry here. 

the kids watched.....
& steele obviously was really bummed he wasn't included in the action.

this was the best shot of the game.
it's over erics head, 
brandon can't get his hands on it in time,
& and then there is brett....
oh he is ready for that ball! haha. 
this makes everyone look completely uncoordinated.

love a good sunday


Brittany said...

love these pics...they are great

Stan & Ash said...

so cute! I just love Sundays now! Its funny how when your younger they are always a bit lame! NOw I can't wait!