Thursday, October 6, 2011

from baggy to skinny

on a rainy gloomy day, what do we do?
anything that will keep mom sane.
the harsh weather change has got me feeling really cooped up.

so we headed over to grandmas house
and i brought along a little project.
i've always wanted to try this tutorial that i have in my project basket on pintrest.

i figured steele's calvin klein black cords would be a good first attempt at making over pants.
my mom has a surger which i wanted to use to make the inside seams more finished.
the tutorial that i used said you don't need to but i did anyway.
it really was very simple and took me only maybe 30 min total and i'm no seamstress.

i am pleased with how they turned out.
they are not too skinny, because well....steele is a boy and brett would disapprove.
as you can see they still have a slouchy feel because they are still long on him
but in a few months they will be perfect.


melissa marie said...

very cute em! i need to know where you buy all your cute boy clothes from. steele is such a cutie!

grant + brittany said...


Stan & Ash said...

so cute i love them!

Jeff and Kayci said...

Fun! I love that idea...I might have to try it out on some of my girls' pants. :)

Lara said...

LOVE it! I totally want to do this!