Thursday, October 20, 2011

this is us fall 2011

last weekend we jumped at the chance to take
family pictures while the leaves where still beautiful.
my friend nikki is amazing!
go visit her at sweet lilac photography.
she has an unbeatable fall special going on.

i love how our fall pictures turned out.
little perry did so good and steele did too...for the most part.
aren't perry's eyes so blue?! she is such a precious baby.
and look at the smile in the first pic...seriously she is adorable.

steele would not smile in the beginning so we kept bribing him by
saying do you want a REALLY big sucker?
then he would do this weird under-bite smile. haha.
something seemed to click by the end of the shoot.

risky business wearing red lips but i like how it looks in a picture.
brett doesn't like any kind of lipstick. at. all. so it was very brave of me to do so.
i even got a comment from my brother in law saying, "wow, you look like a hooker."
i've been asked were i get my kids outfits, so here is run down of what we're wearing.

steele... vest: thrifted; sweater: jcrew; shirt: target; pants: gap; shoes: children's place
perry... cardigan: gap (from karly); romper: gap thrifted; boots: robeez (from michelle); bow: handmade

brett... sweater: banana republic; jeans: banana republic; shoes: lacoste
emily... scarf: (this tutorial); shirt: downeast; belt: thrifted; jeans: no boudries; shoes: f21; earings and ring: banana

i can't wait for halloween.
steele's costume has stains all over it already
because he is so obsessed with it!
in fact he is wearing it now.
more to come.


Chloé said...

i love these sooo much emily! your little family is soooo adorable! and wow.. you rock that red lipstick! i LOVE it!! you are gorgeous!!

kylee said...

cutest family pictures everrr! and you seriously rocked that red lipstick.

D'Laina said...

Dang cute. Love the lips I could never pull that off!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Your pictures turned out darling. Such fun, vibrant colors. And I love red lips! I wore red lipstick for formal night on our cruise and I loved it. I wish it was "normal" to wear it more often, cause I just think it's cute! Oh, and I love your hair color right now. Don't change it (for a little bit at least) cause it looks so good on you :)

I'm so sorry perry got sick. Really, I am. That is horrible. We went out of town this past weekend and Cohen stayed with my mom... the next day I found out he'd been throwing up every hour all night. So sad. And I was SO WORRIED graham was going to get sick. Luckily he's been okay, so far. Poor baby girl! I'm glad she's doing a little better. I hope you all get some rest tonight.

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Love them. Cutest fam for sure and the are brave I could NEVER do that and it looks beautiful!

grant + brittany said...

WELLLLLL my favorite is the color of your nails. you have pretty nails. i have to admit that i'm jealous of how happy everyone is! we just had family pictures too but poor trudy was just miserable during them. what a cute little family you have. so sorry about perry being sick... i think i'll pry cry when trudy gets sick.

grant + brittany said...

oh and i responded to your question back on my post

Stan & Ash said...

Seriously i am in LOVE with these pictures! Ya'll look sooooo good!
And thank you for posting your photographer! I will for sure be using her in the near future!
Really i love these! Everyone looks great and I think the lipstick is perfect!