Thursday, October 27, 2011

i heart halloween

i think i like halloween more and more as steele gets older.
dressing up is the best part of halloween and seeing steele light up
when he puts his costume on is just the cutest thing ever!

since the day steele's wolverine costume arrived in the mail he has been ob.sessed.
in fact i ordered the wrong size and couldn't send it back because
he bawled for a half hour straight when i put it back in the package.
if he doesn't mind having a wedgie then why should i. haha. it really is too small.
he even changes his voice when he wears the costume.
he all of a sudden hits puberty and sinks his voice as low as he can.
he'll say"i'm wolverine. i'm dangerous."
then he'll cut the voice and tell you "i not a scary guy though. i'm a nice guy."

you could say i'm a fan of a good costume.
when i was younger me and my best friend kelli would dress up for every holiday!
we were positively awesome in every way.

and then there is brett.
he is not such a fan of dressing up but somehow
every year i ,coax him into an awesome costume with me.
this year i think is one of my favorites.
brett looks totally awesome.
he was SUCH a baby about painting his face!!
he kept saying "i could never be a girl. i hate this. oh i hate this."

brett always has fun with it once he gives in.
he kept sneaking into peoples pictures and would just stick his head out.
it was a good laugh but definitely a little creepy.

my little purring perry.
i thought she needed a sweet costume so this little kitty was purrfect :)

we truly have the best family.
i love that everyone gets into the fun of halloween.

the birthday girl.
hallie turned 6 so we had a halloween dress-up party for her.
brittany always knows how to throw a party!
everything looked great!
and her girls were adorable.
strawberry short cake and audrey hepburn.

 a few other fun fall activities we've been up to...

picking our very own pumpkins at the farnworth's.
it was raining and windy which just added to the fun of it.
funny that steele chose the smallest pumpkin he could find.
and can i just say that i love that steele is closing his eyes in this picture.
he used to smile like this all the time but now he only give a stiff half smirk.
my little boy is growing up.

hee haw farms...
steele and bentley have recently become good little buddies. 
they are inseparable, running around everywhere together.
i love that steele is finally to the age where they can play and entertain each other.

today was a beautiful day at the farm. 
a bunch of us from my neighborhood went over. 
carrie, bentley and esther came too. 

and now the whole skousen gang is headed off to a cabin up in sundance for the weekend!
we love little get-a-ways like this, especially when the weather is supposed to be nice.
fingers crossed.

happy halloween everyone.
i encourage all of you to dress up!!


Nic & Trudi said...

Isn't fall the best?? It looks like you guys are having tons of fun. I got Taytum the same costume as Perry. HAHA. We need to have a play date soon!!

muffytootles said...

Your costumes are awesome!! and Brett you do look really good. I"m so jealous, I couldn't think of anything this year plus Dan works so it sucks. Hopefully we will see you on halloween!

Stan & Ash said...

OH my gosh all your costumes are to die for! I love them! We are party poopers over here this year! Only WIn dressed up! This gives me motivation for next year!

Ashley said...

cute pics! love the blog- I am excited to read more ;)

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

oh my gosh, ha, where to start??!

Steele. His costume. It made me laugh, it's so dang cute. I love that he talks in a deep voice when wearing it.

And yours and bretts costume were fantastic! i love dressing up too. and i always like painting my face. Preston had to paint a tiny little mask on his eyes this year and was SUCH a baby about it too! ha.

You guys have done so many fun things, and your pictures are all so cute. I especially love that picture of the entire family dressed up! So cool.

Colby and Hilary said...

you have such a beautiful family!! i love that you get so in to it! awesome!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

mmmkkayyy-so excited to be blogging buddies.
so many things to talk about...we'll catch up tomorrow at nordies? i'm so excited!