Saturday, October 1, 2011

an indian summer

it is now october and you would never know it.
this past week we spent four days at the pool.
two days at grandmas white's and two days at our clubhouse pool.

steele has become quite the little fish.
he can dive for pennies with his eyes open under water.
i love every second at the pool, and if it is warm you can find us there.

as for my pictures, i have been having fun taking different shots lately.
i also have had a lot of fun editing the pictures.
steele has learned to be my little model.

{at our clubhouse}

 {at grandmas white's}
perry is learning to really love the water too. 
especially at grandma's because the water is so warm. 
it is a saltwater pool so i don't have to worry about the chlorine. 

tea also loves being in the sunshine. 
she was worried we were going to put her in like we usually do,
so she decided to take cover by grandma. 
she figured she'd be safe there. 

 {daddy-daughter love}

come back soon summer.
we'll be longing for your warmth come march....
but for now we'll welcome fall and the beauty that comes with the change.


grant + brittany said...

how cute and fun. makes me want an otter pop. did i ever tell you that i love the name perry? its so cute. do you have nicknames for her? to answer your question forever ago about headbands... i hardly put them on her because i don't really like them. however i have looked EVERYWHERE for fold over elastic and nobody sells it! i know i can order it online but you'd think that joann's, hancock and especially hobby lobby would carry some but none of them have it and it's driving me crazy. i really want to make some for her.

also, yes i am positive trudy is teething. it's actually a lot more common to start this early than most people realize. i read quite a bit so i wouldn't just assume or conclude to teething if it was just occasionally sucking on her hands.

Sarah said...

So many fun pics!! I am going to miss Summer too!! Perry is getting so big and she is so adorable. Lets get together soon!!

Brittany said...

love the are becoming quite the photographer!!!

Stan & Ash said...

They look awesome and so does your cute little family! We love pool time also!
Side note i din't read carefully and I thought the post below said, " a shout out to my B**ches!