Wednesday, October 19, 2011

heart ache

my sweet little perry has had the stomach flu the past 24 hrs.
there is nothing that breaks my heart more.
her body is so little and it just made her lethargic and lifeless.
she would muster a half smile for me in between. which just made me more sad.

i took her to the dr yesterday morning after her throwing up every 30 minutes all night
and immediately throwing up every time i nursed her.
we were worried about dehydration..

after rotating half oz bottles of watered down gaterade and breast milk every 15 minutes,
she's worked her way up to two oz bottles every hour.
she slept almost all day yesterday.
she would suck her thumb to sooth herself, which she's never done.
it was honestly the hardest thing i've gone through as a parent.
brett and i both felt so helpless which is the worst feeling.

this morning she seems to be doing much better.
it is going around big time right now so just a warning to all of  you mothers with new babies.
braxton had it on saturday night and esther and perry had it the same night.
steele also threw up twice last night.
we braced ourselves for as horrible of a night as the previous.
i went to wal-mart at 4am to get 7up, crackers and popsicles.
but now he seems to be himself and just fine. weird.

brett and i are bracing ourselves, praying we don't get it.
my sweet pear pear is almost herself again....
but by this picture i took this morning you would think nothing ever happened.


Colby and Hilary said...

that picture is adorable! she is adorable. so hard when kids are sick!

Keith and Charayye said...

oh man Emily! thats so so sad! And it's totally going around! We were there visiting last month and Vander got it! He threw up for a week! It was so hard and sad! I got it to! Danielle didn't get it which I was shocked and happy! It is sad when your the parent and you feel so helpless and you wish with everything in you that you could just take it away! Perry is just beautiful! And how cute that she sucked her thumb to sooth herself! and when you said that when she would give you a smile,I know what you're talking about! It just melts your heart cause you know they don't feel good but still had a little in them to smile at mommy! Oh I hope she does better! She is just a doll and Steele is so darn cute! Hope all goes well:)

The Colvins said...

it is the worst when your kids are sick...glad they're starting to feel better!