Saturday, August 20, 2011

bright eyes

perry has become so alert and alive.
she is always kicking her legs like she boxing with her feet.
her eyes are so observant and you can tell she is really checking out her environment.
smiles are coming all the time now, although you do have to coax them out of her.
she and steele are the brightest part of each day

and the best news, she slept all the way through the night two nights ago. 11 to 7!
last night she only woke up once at 4:30 and then slept till 8:30.
ahh the feeling of a goods night rest. love that!
i love being a mommy and i am grateful for life!
{we'll see if i still love it after our 14 hour drive to pebble beach today......wish us luck!}


Lara said...

oh so fun! I can't wait to see pictures!

perry is so beautiful

Sarah Nelson said...

So cute! Have fun in Pebble!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

It really is so fun having kids the same age... because both of mine are doing the same things as both of yours! ... Still waiting for Graham to go from 11-7 though! ha.
Steele and Cohen would be best friends. The other day he got into the vaseline, rubbed it all over one of his shirts, and all over a pair of pants I just got for my birthday! .... I was not laughing at that one. ha. Still can't get it out.
Anyway, perry is such a cutie. We'll have to get together sometime now that we're down here!

stuartandbrittney said...

You are so lucky that she's sleeping so long. She is absolutely adorable. Good luck with the drive!

Karen and Mike said...

what a cutie!

jenna said...

how sweet!!! i must admit i look forward to the days of sleep but i've only just begun the non sleep thing :)

i want to get my eyes and hands on her! i seriously don't know that she looks like steele? or maybe she does? i can't tell!