Monday, August 29, 2011

Pebble Beach, CA- Day One

 Well we just pulled in last night from our summer vacation.
Pebble is one of the most relaxing vacation spots. 
The view from Grandma White's front patio is breathtaking.

This year it was just our little family and Aunt Fergie and Uncle Jordan {the Overtons}
We left Saturday at about noon and drove..... and drove and drove.
What should take about 13-14 hours took us 15. 
Really not too bad with a two month old and a two year old. 

Perry was seriously an angel. 
I brought lots for Steele to do. 
Playdough on a breakfast tray, coloring books,
 toys and lots of his choice movies.

{taking up time making silly faces}

{Steele copying mommy's silly faces}

{and the best travel buddy ever!}

Finally we pulled into Pebble Beach at 3 am. 
We went straight to bed but Steele was so excited to be on our much talked
 about "trip" it took him some time to fall back asleep.

We slept in as long as the kiddos would allow.
Our first day was the Pebble Beach car show. 

Before walking down to the show the boys had to get a few puts in on the 14th green.

This picture sums up Steele's trip.
He loved spending all his time with Fergie.
Jordan started calling Steele Jenn's puppet master haha. 
What ever Steele wanted to do....Fergie did.

The car show is UNREAL.
Millions and millions of dollars worth of cars at this show.
Admittedly I know nothing about cars, but these are a few of my favorites.

This one reminded me of a skeleton version of the batmobile. 
 Behind this car from left to right you can see;
 me carrying Perry, Fergs and Steele, Jordan, Daniel, Shane and Blaine.
{Shane-Brett's brother, was there with some of his buddys the week before us.}

This was my favorite of the bunch. Such a neat melding of new and old. 

That's our first day, well really two but one day of driving doesn't count as a day of our vacation...


muffytootles said...

:( I wish we could have gone! But I'm glad you had fun and the kids did good!

Karly said...

i LOVE that top picture! I am glad the ride turned out so well! I was worried for you!

Chloé said...

i love pebble! so sad i didn't get to go this year.. at least sean did haha! and i love that you guys go too and i know exactly all the places you are at! i love it! pebble truly is amazing. and all these pictures are awesome! you have the cutest family!!