Thursday, August 18, 2011

naughty, yes naughty

it's official. 
my sweet perfect little angle boy is....
ok not gone but becoming
very very mischievous. 

i love it though. 
its such a little boy faze to go through.
most of the time i can just laugh.
like the few naughty things i've recently taken pictures of.
i know i shouldn't but i love capturing his naughtiness.

i was in the office and i could hear steele with a bag.
it sounded like he had the triscuts in his room.
he loves triscuts and gets them out of the pantry all the time.
he'll take the plastic bag out and just go to town 
{which the fiber is great for him. more on that later.}

then the quiet set in. 
any mother knows when they hear 
complete silence something is very wrong.

i went into his room and this is what i found...

it was everywhere!
his bed was covered in white powder.
this picture doesn't show the white very well.
it was all over the floor too.

then i had to find steele. 
i could hear the crinkling plastic bag in the pantry.
and yep. there he was hiding with the bisquick.

look at those mischievous eyes. 
and that smirk. he obviously knew
 he was doing something he wasn't supposed to.

a few days later i was getting ready
to go to lunch with my mom and sisters. 
i ironed my pants, put them on and sat down at the
computer for a few minutes. steele was in the
office with me playing with some golf balls. 

only a few minutes went by.
 i turned around and saw yellow everywhere! 
what was it? yellow puff fabric paint.
he had painted the legs of the ironing board and several 
spots had dripped on the carpet!
luckily none of it had time to dry so it cleaned up pretty well. 

steele had paint all over his hands so i put him in the tub.
i bathed him then got him out and set him on 
the couch in his towel to watch a show so i could get dressed.

only a few minutes later....
i came out into the kitchen and this is what i found.

i'm not sure how steele reached the knives
but he had gotten a butcher knife and a row of 
unfrozen otter-pops. he sliced through all of them and 
liquid had spilled all over my counter, down the 
cabinets and onto the floor. he had it dripping
down the front of him. back into the tub.
i'm just thankful he didn't injure himself!


 just the other day steele was in the tub.
i was in my closet getting dressed and i hear him say
"mommy i got blood." he said it so matter of fact and so calmly.
i went to the tub and he was holding my razor and his fingers were dripping blood!
i always take my razor head off and let him play with just the handle.
he found the head behind the shampoo bottle and was trying to put it
back on the handle. poor guy. i felt awful. he had 3 huge chunks out of his fingers. 
they wouldn't stop bleeding. he went through 3 band-aids on one finger.

these are only a few stories of  how steele is starting to become
very very mischievous. he's doing things all the time
that he knows he's not supposed to.
and in only a matter of minutes.
 you gotta love the kid though. 
he is adorable!


muffytootles said...

lol never a dull moment!

Stan & Ash said...

Oh I loved reading this!! I agree with documenting all the naughtyness, what a great memory to share later!!

n.davis said...

Haha, oh no! It's so funny though, his face in each picture is just like 'muwhahah'. Haha. He is so cute!

Lara said...

oh my goodness. haha! he is so cute. Caden did the same thing with otter pops the other day, he was trying to cut a new box open so he could put more blue ones in the fridge.. but he ended up cutting his finger pretty bad in the process.. and he cut probably 8 pops that spilled over all the others and the box.. love those naughty boys ;)

stuartandbrittney said...

Naughty little boys are my favorite!

Karen and Mike said...

ahhh, the joys of motherhood.....