Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the 'up' house

how fun is this house? it is a replica of the house in the disney movie UP and it is in the salt lake parade of homes. it was packed full of people when we were there. the interior was adorable. obviously they had to get creative since most of the house is not shown in the movie. but the rooms that were in the movie are identical. they custom made furniture to make the home as close to the movie as possible. the kitchen and nursery were my favorite. the whole house is very fun and colorful.

the coolest part about this house is that my husband did all the structural engineering on it. quite often when i tell people brett is an engineer they don't really know what exactly he does. in short {my version} he makes sure that homes and buildings are able to stay standing. he designs the structural elements including what building materials should be used. basically he is a math wizard.

he has three homes in the sl parade of homes this year. it has been a lot of fun going around and seeing what he has designed. i'm really proud of him can you tell?


Karen and Mike said...

so cool. nate really loved it!

Stan & Ash said...

Amazing. You have every right to be proud

Lara said...

seriously adorable. I want to live there!