Monday, August 15, 2011

sweet newborns

{it wasn't easy getting a good picture of all three babes. the best ones were with their binks in haha.}

wouldn't it be fun to have triplets? i'm totally kidding. that would be A LOT of work.
we took these adorable pictures of our sweet newborns a few sunday's back.
there is so much excitement ahead for these little cousins.

it was so much fun all being pregnant together,
comparing how we were feeling and growing.
it's definitely been a summer to remember with these little guys
making their grand entrance one by one!

there is a pattern in the brady family.
two girls and a boy.
it starts with brett's mom.
she had carrie, brittany and brett. then...
chelsey, hayley and zach
two girls and a boy, two girls and a boy.

there is hallie, madison and bentley. then...
along came the twins ashton and linny then...
of course a boy, steele.

so when the three of us girls where pregnant we just knew
there was going to be... two girls and a boy.

truly it's just coincidence but it is a fun pattern that we discovered.


D'Laina said...

Cute pics, and that is so funny it's always 2 girls and a boy :) My family had something like that but my aunt just broke the spell...everyone had 2 of the same sex then the third was always the opposite..kinda funny so i've had 2 boys so I am just hoping my third is a GIRL :)

muffytootles said...

so cute! that is going to be so much fun when they get older.

Toni S. Cook said...

These pictures are so precious!! Beautiful beautiful babies!! What a blessed family and how fun to have all those cousins so close. So happy for the Brady crew!

The Colvins said...

I love the newborn pictures! That is the coolest thing ever--what great friends they will be!

Karen and Mike said...

i love the belly and the baby picts! i love that they all have binkis, its so real life!

Stan & Ash said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!! How much fun all being preg together and all the little cousins being so close in age!

Lara said...

that is a funny pattern! I love those pictures. how fun to have cousins so close.

Did you make Perry's flower? I want one like that! You need to teach me please!